If you enjoy food, you’ll love the Halal Fest 2017, coming up on July 8-9 in Fremont, California. Located behind Fremont’s World Furniture Showcase Warehouse on Albrae St, this festival promises to offer its guests some of the best halal cuisine available in the area!

What is the Halal Fest All About?

Entering its fifth year as a festival, the Halal Fest 2017 boasts the title of being the first food festival in California to focus on Halal food. The concept of “Halal” food is similar to the term “kosher” used to describe Jewish cuisine. Just as some practicing Jews are limited in eating particular foods, some practicing Muslims also have their own restrictions in what they are allowed to eat. For instance, halal food if it contains meat, has meat that is blessed.

The festival’s goal is to introduce guests to the many dishes that halal food offers, as well as bringing local restaurants and eateries offering halal food to a new culture of consumers.

Aside from the food, guests can enjoy window-shopping from a large bazaar full of vendors that are selling a variety of jewelry, clothing, antiques, toys, crafts, and art from worldwide cultures.

The event itself is a collaborative festival put together by American Muslims with various backgrounds to introduce the general public to their excellent food.

Purchasing Food and Tickets at Halal Fest 2017

The food at the Halal Fest 2017 can be purchased with cash or credit. Unlike previous years, consumers will not have to purchase food tokens. To enter the event, guests are charged five dollars for a hand stamp at the gate. Children under the age of ten receive free entry.  To purchase your tickets ahead of time, you can go here.

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