Are you ready to celebrate the beauty of california's poppies this Spring? The 2017 California Poppy Festival officially comes to Lancaster on April 22-23, opening its doors both days at 10 AM with a fun list of music, crafts, entertainment, and food that the entire family will enjoy.

What to Expect

With the beauty of springtime now upon Southern California, its famous poppies have ultimately bloomed, decorating hillsides in orange splendor. To celebrate, Antelope Valley offers two days of enjoyable fun surrounding the prettiness and history of California’s state flower, the beloved poppy.

Antelope Valley’s California Poppy Festival offers hours of fun for the whole family. Well-known performers, fun events, and excellent food will be available both days. The festival promises to take place regardless of the weather. It will go on if the days are sunny or if they are rainy.

Antelope Valley and the Lancaster area in LA houses one of the largest and most exquisite poppy crops in the entire state of California. The magnificence of the California state flower’s display and growth in this area are legendary and certainly worth viewing. Tickets cost $10 for general admission, and $5 for children, senior citizens, and the military.

Festival History 

The California Poppy Festival’s sponsors include the City of Lancaster, the Wildflower Information Center, and the Lancaster Woman’s Club, who joined to promote to Californians the beauty and history of the California state flower. Since the California Poppy Festival’s inception, several thousand visitors visited the Antelope Valley area to catch a view of the gorgeous poppies found in the area.

The California Poppy Festival’s location is near the Lancaster Museum/Art Gallery, which provides an abundance of information for visitors to the festival. Visitors can begin their tour of the California Poppy Festival at the museum, grabbing free wildflower maps that point them to the best areas in which to view the poppies. After obtaining the maps, visitors are then encouraged to head over to the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve, where the California Poppy Festival takes place.

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