If you stay up to date with social media apps, you may have noticed a new feature in Instagram. The photo-sharing app recently added a ‘story’ option for users. Similar to Snapchat, a user can now upload a picture or short video for followers. Unlike regular posts, these only last 24 hours.

This is an unexpected change for Instagram, which seems to take this idea from another popular social media tool, Snapchat. So how does this effect the event world?

We all know that live feeds are becoming popular, and that Snapchat is great for communicating directly with attendees. However, Instagram is still more popular and has double the users Snapchat does (around 300 million!).

For events and event planners, who already have a good following on Instagram, and may struggle with Snapchat, this is your golden ticket! Now you can tease your audience with behind-the-scenes peaks, your planning process and more!

It is more common to post multiple times on Snapchat than compared to Instagram, so use these stories to give you more exposure to your followers! Use it to your advantage, because stories appear at the top of the screen, every time a user opens the phone app.

For those not familiar with Snapchat, but want to get the most out of the Instagram stories, know that these can range  a lot of different topics! Tease guests with previews of your next event, or if the theme is a secret give them hints. Show off your event team and your work area. The possibilities are endless!

With new updates to social media apps coming in lightning fast, it is crucial that you stay updated; especially if you are targeting millennia’s who are tech-savvy. Just think of this as one more opportunity to reach out to your audience and gain potential attendees! 

Published with permission by EventHeroes.com