New Jersey has a lot to offer, especially when you’re looking for an incredible new cultural experience! Whenever you go to an event, you usually stick to something you’re comfortable with like a music or food event. But how about stepping out of your comfort zone to enjoy an awesome event and meet new people? Well, EventCombo has a great opportunity for you to do just that! This year will mark the 1st Annual Rain Dance event in Edison, New Jersey. This event will expose you to the diverse Indian culture and celebrate being out in the rain during monsoon season in India.The monsoon season is full of rain from October to April in India. You won’t regret coming to this event and having an experience unlike any other.

What to Expect & Ticket Information

There will be delicious Indian food of all types to indulge in. Also, expect a lot of music playing! DJ Raj Minocha will be playing his own beats as well as other songs. If you are into this event more for its traditional or cultural appeal, then you may like to know that a dhol player will be playing live music. For those unfamilair with what a dhol is, it is a double headed drum as shown below: 

In addition, make sure to bring what you consider to be water appropriate clothing, as you will definitely get wet! Feel free to bring your kids and the whole family to enjoy the water that will be splashing everywhere for this incredible experience. Also, be aware that if you come with a group of 20 or more, you can expect discounted tickets as well as VIP services that include bottle services and much more! Buy tickets for the 1st Annual Rain Dance event in Edison, New Jersey right here exclusively on EventCombo.

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