The Arctic Monkeys, one of alternative’s favorite modern bands, excited fans in February of this year, promising their first new album since 2013. While fans eagerly await the anticipated new tracks, the Arctic Monkeys are touring in preparation for their new album release, expected in June or July. They are performing a show at Webster Hall, NYC on September 16.

What Will the New Album Sound Like?

Many who heard Arctic Monkeys’ lead singer Alex Turner’s latest songs feel his music with one of his other bands, The Last Shadow Puppets, sounds akin to Scott Walker. Fans expecting Turner to perform with lyrics anything close to the first two Arctic Monkeys’ albums may be in for a surprise. It’s unlikely that Turner’s vocals will be as speedy as they once were on his previous albums. His voice style over the recent years has transitioned from short and snappy to more silky and smooth.

Matt Helders’, the drummer for Arctic Monkeys, is working with his band Post Pop Depression, and also seems to be creating songs with a different perspective of sound. Helders’ latest work kept him recording and touring with QOTSA’s Josh Homme and Dean Fertita as well as the infamous Iggy Pop. Most of Helders’ most recent drumming performances are far more blustering and smooth than his previous shows with the Arctic Monkeys, promising a new feeling of slick, swaggering beats to the Arctic Monkeys’ next album.

A possible preview of what Helders and Turner may offer could come from their work together covering Tame Impala’s “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards.” It seems both band members found influence from working with Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, which further affected Turner’s slower song style and Helders’ bolder drum sounds.

Arctic Monkeys’ bassist Nick O’Malley also matured his music into a different sound. O’Malley’s bass riffs are noticeably heavier than in the past, so more of that is also likely to appear on the next Arctic Monkeys’ album.

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