Are you searching for the perfect brunch, lounge, and bar in NYC? Then check out New York City’s Amelie Wine Bar. The Amelie Wine Bar is a contemporary restaurant decorated with a French twist. In fact, it will make you feel as if you stepped outside of New York City for a moment and into a place of enjoyable relaxation. The décor in Amelie Wine Bar includes a wall of lit wine bottles and wooden wine shelves. The interior of the bar will make you enjoy your next romantic date, or help create the ambiance you need to unwind alone or with friends.

The Amelie Wine Bar includes vintage theater seats in the front lounge, which is the perfect spot to hang out with your friends or meet new people. Their lacquered red bar usually has the co-owners serving. Once you have your drinks, you can stay at the bar, or sit at one of the European-style tables in the restaurant to enjoy a nice dinner.

Wine and Food Menus

If you are a wine fanatic, you’ll love what the Amelie Wine Bar has to offer. Their wine list includes a great selection of excellent yet decently priced wines from all over the globe.

When brunch, lunch, or dinner is served, the Amelie Wine Bar is careful to pair the right wine with your order. They offer an excellent dining menu that include dishes such as Raviole du Royans, which is cheese ravioli, and a selection of French cheeses and homemade jams. 

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