In an interview with The Gray, we got the latest scoop on their history and music. This amazing pop and rock group from Long Island, New York formed in 2014. Their innovative and charismatic song-style finds its influence in a combination of pop, rock, and funk. They are capable of performing many musical style genres—from the 60s to today’s hits.

When asked how they started playing music together, The Gray told us they began in high school, with two of the band members, Jeff and Gino, playing small events. Later on, while in college, Adam joined in. The Gray found its last band member during an interesting car sale experience. Jeff, working at a car dealership, sold future band member Mardoche a new car, and the two kicked it off by sharing their love of music in conversation.

When “The Gray” first formed, most of the songs they played were a mix of funk, classic rock, funk, old pop, and today’s chart-topping tunes. . As they gained more experience, they began composing their music with a focus on finding the perfect mix between the “timeless classic” and the “of the day” modern styles of music.

The Gray’s Music and Influences

Demonstrating their innovation, when asked what genre of music would best categorize their band, they responded, "Hey! You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!" "You got your peanut butter on my chocolate!" "Mmmmm, delicious." Much like the perfect formation of peanut butter and chocolate, the band members formed a successful combination of chemistry that covers just about any musical genre.

On the other hand, this does not mean that The Gray does not have specific musical influences. The band found inspiration from previous bands, including James Brown, Bruno Mars, Blink-182, Michael Jackson, and Parappa the Rapper.

With such spunk, charisma, and success forming the perfect group, The Gray always promises to deliver an excellent show at any event. If you want more information on The Gray go here

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