The Boil, located in the Lower East Side, offers some of the best seafood in NYC. The Boil serves classic lowcountry (Southern-style) boil food, such as seafood served with a choice of potatoes, corn, or other vegetables. The food served is seasoned with garlic-butter, as well as other spices, and offers that classic southern kick to seafood!

The Presentation of The Boil

The restaurant is both simple in style and affordable in price. If your in the mood to just dig into some great boiled lobster or crab in an atmosphere that closely resembles a Southern, then do stop by! All food is served to customers in a bag with gloves and a bib, which are all sure to give you a fun eating experience.

The Seafood Experience

Their seafood has a Southern Cajun twist. All customers are able to ask for their food to be spiced or seasoned to their liking. Regardless of how you order it, I’m sure their boiled seafood will be fantastic.

The Boil’s secret is that they know that simplicity is key. They don’t tamper with the natural flavor of the seafood too much, and apply seasonings that really accentuate boiled seafood’s already phenomenal flavor. Known for its simple style seafood, The Boil offers quality food. The menu’s presentation also adds a quality of ease to placing an order, since the selections are listed clearly.

Oh and don’t forget to take the opportunity to set up a reservation through Open Table, which may serve as a handy tip if you want to dine at The Boil.

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