Located between 5th and 6th avenue in NYC, the restaurant concept for Burger & Lobster started in 2011 with four close school friends from Mosco These four friends wanted to start an innovative restaurant that would focus on making great dishes with using tow simple ingredients. With this motivation in mind, the friends opened their first Burger & Lobster opened its doors as an Irish pub.

The Simple Focus of Burger & Lobster

As you might have already guessed, Burger & Lobster’s concept rests on simplicity. Only three dishes are available to customers: a burger, a grilled or steamed lobster, or a lobster roll. The dishes all come with two sides, a salad and fries, and each dish costs a twenty bucks well spent.

             Burger & Lobster’s Dishes

The burger combines an eight-ounce mixture of Pat LaFrieda prime meats, accompanied by American and Cheddar cheese slices, tomato, onion, lettuce, and pickles. If customers wish to add bacon, it is no additional cost. Their burgers with their delicious burger meat blend and tasty buns have received high ratings from many visitors.

Their grilled or steamed lobster, also earns outstanding reviews from its customers. The average lobster served weighs about 1.5 lbs each and is full of flavor, and cooked or grilled to perfection. All this makes Burger & Lobster a great stop for anyone in the mood to really try some great seafood at a great price!

Perhaps the best item their menu has to offer is their lobster roll. Many customers claim that the lobster roll at Burger & Lobster is the best they have ever eaten. The lobster roll’s six ounces of meat, mayonnaise, vegetables and phenomenal seasoning mix creates a mouth-watering roll that is to die for! Each lobster roll is also served on a warm bun toasted to perfection.

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