Music festival season is here! With Coachella inching around the corner, getting festival ready is key. Festival fashion plays a big part as everyone gets to showcase his or her personality through cute, vintage pieces. Whether you want to embrace your inner flower child, be bohemian chic, or rock a vintage statement piece, EventCombo can help you! If it’s your first time going to Coachella or any other music festival, here are three amazing stores in Los Angeles that’ll help you get festival ready:


This store has made a big splash since it made its arrival from the UK! If you’re looking for a cute statement piece, you’ll be able to find it here! Anything from cowboy boots embellished with brightly colored flowers to more trendy pieces, you’ll find the perfect festival outfit here. Topshop is more suited for those looking to stand out with bold, bright outfits so definitely check this store out! Their website,, includes specials and much more!

Planet Blue

If you’re looking for something more laid back or bohemian, then make sure to stop by. You’ll be able to browse long, flowing dresses to cute rompers that’ll help you fit right in at Coachella or any other music festival. With three locations, it’s easily accessible and suited for women looking to rock a boho look! Check out for locations and to browse more clothing options!

Dream Collective

This shop is perfect for music festival-wear especially if you’re looking for a unique piece of jewelry that’ll add to your outfit. This shop is smaller than the other two in that in solely focuses on accessories. You’ll be able to find vintage clothing here but I would recommend this place mostly for jewelry and cool headpieces to complete your outfit. Check out their new spring collection at

With music festivals about to start up in the upcoming months, EventCombo will be here to keep you in the loop! Be sure to check us out and to learn more about which festivals might be a good fit for you.