The Dave Chisham Band’s style stems primarily from the heart and worship. The lead singer, Dave Chisham, works as a full-time Worship Leader at his Church in Indiana, known as The Journey Church, and his Christian dedication inspires much of the music. Chisham’s faith comes across strongly in every song he composes, and his faith-based songs are sure to put on an excellent show at any Christian event.

The Dave Chisham Band’s Christian Music

Dave Chisham, the band leader, offers many Midwest values and Christian beliefs on the band’s debut CD, titled “I’m Free.” The songs the band created demonstrate the uplifting power and praise for Worship. Chrisham's small-town roots come through in his CD, giving off that American small home-town feeling.

The Dave Chisham band is widely influenced by several musical genres, including gospel, rock, and country. Every one of their songs demonstrates a combination of these styles with a unique Christian feel, creating inspiring beats and a feeling of hope.

The Dave Chisham Band’s Event Performances

With much charisma in their performances, their songs are trendy and beat-worthy and are sure to entertain ticket-buyers at any Christian event with motivational worship music.

Chisham's strong devotion to his faith, present in all of his songs, will capture the attention of any of his audiences. His band provides strong melodies full of pop, rock, and catchy lyrics present with deep-seated value for all Christians. The style of The Dave Chisham Band brings the promise of an excellent show to any event.

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