If you’ve ever attempted to search for event promoters in New York City, then you are already aware that the search can be both draining and time-consuming. Often you are after the best promoters. The promoters with the best reputation and a strong track-record. We will introduce you to one of those promoters, namely Ray Bloch. Ray Bloch is a large, well-known New York City promotion group that promotes all kinds of events for clients, and has a very impressive and successful record.

Ray Bloch’s Success

Ray Bloch Productions have flourished for many years. As event promoters, Ray Bloch has organized live shows for well over sixty years. These experienced event promoters have done business with hundreds of clients from every industry, putting together events at many venues all over the world. When working with so many different clients from a wide variety of backgrounds, Ray Bloch has consistently ensured that they meet their client’s business objectives with their live events.

Who Was Ray Bloch?

Ray Bloch Productions is named after Ray Bloch, who worked as a musician, composer, pianist, and arranger performing as the orchestra conductor for the Ed Sullivan Show. Ray Bloch possessed a talent for understanding what his live audiences wanted. As such, he developed a desire to connect private audiences to headline entertainment, leading him to create Ray Bloch Productions in 1954.

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