Carry the Zero Band can bring much entertainment and zest to your next event. From Boston, this alternative/indie rock band formed after auditioning over twenty-two musicians from their local area to form with a total of three band members. Throughout their tenure together, the original three band members have remained together, playing venues and delighting crowds with their charisma.

Carry the Zero’s Talent

As selective about their song formation process as they are about their band members, the group developed into a local fan favorite. Their talent and unique playing style have made them local legends, and they are certain to provide an excellent show.

Carry the Zero live offers a large, booming style. Unique-sounding guitar combined with melody provided by keyboard and bass accompanies their dominating drums. Their catchy songs and loud beats make crowds want to move their feet.

Carry the Zero’s Performances

Furthermore, Carry the Zero has experience playing well-known venue halls and participating in many styles of events, offering up their musical style and talent as the highlight of each event with which they perform. Carry the Zero has performed shows at The Lucky Dog Music Hall, T.T. the Bears, The Met Cafe, and CBGB'. They have also performed with many well-known bands from Boston, including The Shelia Divine, Long Distance Runner, and the Gravel Pit.

The melodic sound Carry the Zero offers its crowds is both melodic and hypnotic and is sure to provide hours of entertainment to please any crowd at any event.

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