Dance the Night Away in Los Angeles with the Top 4 Rave Spots!

If you’re looking for a hot and new spot to rave, EventCombo has just the spots for you! Raving is a big scene amongst Millennials, especially in Los Angeles. After a long and busy week, going to a rave is the perfect stress reliever. You get to immerse yourself in the beat of the music, mingle with new people, and have the time of your life. Check out these awesome nightlife spots perfect for raving!

Avalon Hollywood

If there’s one thing ravers look for in a venue, it’s sounds quality and this place comes through with an amazing sound system! This venue hosts some big-name DJs and is open until 6 am some nights. It’s definitely worth checking out especially if sound quality is important for you.

Exchange LA

Fellow ravers unite and check out this EDM exclusive nightclub! The spacious venue invites you in to dance to the pulsing beats of EDM and you could check out big-name artists here.

Globe Theatre

You won’t be disappointed when you check out this amazing venue! Exceptional service and staff, the sound system amazing, and the atmosphere is enticing!

Circle Bar

This is a smaller, more intimate venue that is perfect if you’re looking for a more relaxed setting. Check out this little gem in Santa Monica and dance the night away!

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