Darryl “FollowtheDj” Dungee found his love for music at the age of 10. Since then, he’s been following his dream and strives for success.

Born and raised in Baltimore City, Maryland, Darryl Dungee was familiar with the obstacles he would have to face. Music became his escape from the world around him and a way to forget about the tough times during his childhood. Dungee’s godfather – a musical writer – also influenced some of the artists he listened to, from Toni Braxton to Me2U. From there, creating music became more serious for Dungee and he began to learn about melody, bpm (beats per min) base lines, and drums. Soon at the age of 15, FollowtheDj was born.

Through the years FollowtheDj has been committed to serving the community and providing a fun and positive experience, which is why he designed his musical range for all age groups, genres, and cultural backgrounds. Through music, Dungee is able to express himself and translate that to his audience. He cares deeply about the youth and at every encounter makes sure to encourage them to follow their dreams. “They too have a chance to make it in life no matter what their situation, just by finding their passion and following through with their dreams,” Dungee said.

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FollowtheDj has been DJing for almost a decade and has produced not only a followship, but also a brand of shirts and other items that promotes his craft. In addition to his brand, Dungee has been working on an east coast DJ tour along with a non-profit foundation called #djslovethekids. Dungee has come to define himself as more than just a DJ whose job is to play background music, he is an artist who is able to express himself through several genres and mixes. “The whole basis of hip hop started with the DJ” said Dungee. “Without the DJ’s, the rap game and music industry would not be the same.” For Dungee, DJing is not defined as providing music to a venue but rather performing for an audience.

Of all the performances FollowtheDJ has done, the two that stick out him the most is when he performed for the honor roll students at Pimlico Middle School in Baltimore, Maryland. The event aimed to encourage youth to stay in school, get good grades, and continue to work hard. Dungee’s love for the youth made this event very successful. His second event – traveling to Dominican Republic – was also a huge success as he was the DJ for the Carnival Cruise Line for 6 days – a vacation and job in one. Along with his success Dungee has had the opportunity to work with producers such as: Shawn Campbell, who has produced records for artists like (Missy Elliot, Avant, and Karina Passion), Sean Banks and producer Don Trunk who has worked with artists like (Latoya Luckett, Gucci Man, Mims, and Ace Hood), and many more!

Dungee plans to continue striving for the best and continues to spread positive vibes through his music.

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