Keep your commitment to your craft. Keep your approach humble and be patient; the journey always continues. That’s solid advice from talented comedian Roman Suarez aka “The Funny Latino.” Growing up in the Bronx, New York, Roman always aspired to be a comedian ever since he saw a stand-up comic. “But I looked at it like a fantasy, somewhere between sky diving or driving a sports car” he says.

Before breaking into the comedy scene, he immersed himself in the music industry. He started as a night club DJ before moving on to becoming a music producer. Eventually, he decided to take the plunge and pursue his dream of becoming a comic. The Nuyorican Poet’s Café contacted Roman to host a comedy show. “I was given a mic, a packed room, and an audience. I was told that if I don’t get a laugh in the first 30 seconds that I should get off and bring on the comics. That night, I did 17 minutes. I felt alive; my face burned and my eyes felt reawakened,” he says as he recounts his first performance.

Roman Suarez credits his family for inspiration, especially his son. When he was growing up, he would constantly hear his father crack jokes in Spanish. He made it a goal to emulate his father and learn jokes in Spanish. But there isn’t anyone who inspires him the most like his son. “Just like my dad encouraged my character to be comical, I too have influenced my son to see the punch line in life,” he says.

For those looking to either break into the comedy scene or pursuing any other dream, Roman has some awesome advice for you! “Never stop dreaming and always focus on your goals. When you invest your heart and soul in to your pursuits, the universe will reward your path.”

If you’re looking to check out Roman Suarez aka “The Funny Latino”, look out for Roman’s concert performance in New York to be announced soon right here on EventCombo!