Located on Chicago’s Sixth Avenue, Venue SIX10 has much to offer as a venue. This beautifully decorated, state-of-the-art facility is environmentally sustainable and can bring everything one needs to any event.

Venue SIX10’s Amenities

Venue SIX10 is prepped with all the amenities one needs to host successful dinner parties, private receptions, and innovative corporate events. With a bevy of catering company partners to choose from, not only can Venue SIX10 offer a wide selection of food to create the perfect menu for your next party, but it also houses enough space and ambiance to host excellent evening entertainment.

Venue SIX10’s facility possesses over 35,000 square feet of event space, a large theater that holds up to 409 people, and 15 other smaller spaces. With so many options for your next event, Venue SIX10 is ready to host any party and meet the unique needs of all events. Whatever your plans may be for your next event, Venue SIX10 is certain to provide the space necessary to assist you with that event.

Venue SIX10’s Environmentally Friendly Building

Another fantastic thing about Venue SIX10 is that the building itself is known as a “green” building, and renewable energy completely powers it. By making the building both environmentally friendly and renewable, Venue SIX10 estimates that it will save 6,200 tons of CO2 from invading the atmosphere over the span of three years.

Some of the energy efficient concepts present in the building include computer-controlled lighting as well as HVAC systems, which help cut back on energy consumption. The facility also possesses a green roof that encourages rainwater to evaporate rather than entering into the sewer system. Aside from this, there are many other concepts of renewable energy efficient set-ups present in the building

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