Are you interested in backing a venue that exists to support artistic creativity, innovation, and freedom? If so, consider hiring the Smell, located in Los Angeles, CA, as your next venue. Since 1998, The Smell has offered the opportunity for people of all ages to both experience and dabble in art and music.

The Uniqueness of the Smell

One thing that makes the Smell unique as an artistic venue is that throughout its decade-long existence, it has focused on a “do-it-yourself” artistic and musical culture. The Smell operates as a volunteer, not-for-profit venue that reinforces artistic and musical endeavors in its community. Many of the people that perform at the Smell, for instance, whether they are musicians or artists, are also supporters of the venue that not only attend events, but also help to book shows, run the front door, and contribute to the functionality of the venue.

Performers at the Smell include Alpha MC + VerBS, David Scott Stone, Celebrity Crush, Clit Kat, and No Age.

The Smell’s Dedication

Therefore, as a venue, the Smell is extremely dedicated to keeping its space open for art and music to inspire artistic creation and innovation and is open to all ages. Supporting this venue provides you with the opportunity to support local arts and music in the community, helping to inspire new artists to both share their talents, and with assisting the venue with its committed backing of volunteer help.

Events at the Smell are also kept affordable so that people from all walks of life can attend. Nearly all of the events at the Smell operate on admission as low as five dollars.

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