Top 4 Amazing Speakeasy Bars in New York City That You Need to Check Out

If you’ve never been to a speakeasy, you’re in for a treat! These bars came into fruition during Prohibition, when customers wanted to indulge in tasty cocktails without dealing with the consequence of getting in trouble. Speakeasy bars were hidden from sight and were only known about through word of mouth.

After Prohibition, these bars still stand the test of time. You would be surprised on how many there are in New York City alone! Since speakeasy bars are typically small, the wait time could be up to two hours. Ready for a new experience? Check out these amazing speakeasy bars!

1.Little Branch- Located in the West Village, it’s easy to miss with the nondescript door with no signage. You would only be able to find this bar if you arrive after 10pm where there is usually a line outside. Once you go inside, you’ll instantly be transported to the 1920’s. While the bar itself is small, the atmosphere is unlike any other bar, with jazz music flowing through your veins. I highly recommend checking this spot out if you’re ever in the West Village!

2.Attaboy-Nestled in the Lower East Side, the only way you can identify the location is by the “AB” on the door. In order to get in, you can either ring the doorbell or knock on the door. If there is no room, you can easily give your phone number and bar hop around the area until you get the phone call. The experienced bartenders are willing to work with you to create a cocktail unlike any other.

3.Please Don’t Tell-This speakeasy is definitely one of the best! It is reservation-based unless you arrive at 6:30pm and try to get in. Criff Dogs, located around St. Marks Place, is a hot dog joint that you walk into in order to get to Please Don’t Tell. You then go inside a phone booth, call, and give in a confirmation code to confirm your reservation. Once inside, relax and enjoy a stiff cocktail with the warm atmosphere that’ll have you come again!

4.Raines Law Room-While this place is easy to miss, once you find it, you won’t regret it! While it’s best to make reservations during the weekends, getting in the bar during the week is relatively easier. Similar to Attaboy, you ring a doorbell and provide a phone number if there isn’t room available. Once you get in, it’ll be as though you are living in Prohibition 1920s with low lighting, cozy couches, and jazz music. Great spot around the Village if you’re looking for an intimate date spot or a hangout with friends!

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