Music is a crucial aspect to any event. The music you decide to play will set the ambiance, so it’s important to pick the right band. Here are 5 tips to be sure of that:

1. Make sure they are full time professionals, not part timers doing their hobby.
A DJ or band with experience will have a better concept on what music to play and at what time, as well as be able to read the dance floor and play what people want to hear.

2. Watch videos, listen to audios.
Make sure you do your research. Find videos, Soundcloud accounts, anything where you can listen to what they can do before you make the final decision. Doing this will give you an idea of what they specialize in and the type of music they choose to play at events. It will also give you a peek as to the persona they portray and whether or not that matches up with you events mission.

3. Find out where they have played before and for who.
Having a band or DJ who has played at multiple events is a great thing. Not only are they creditable, but their popularity will also bring more people to your event. If you’re curious about a DJ or band, talking to someone who has hired them previously can aid you in the decision to hire them or not.

4. If they are NOT asking many questions, this is a red flag.
Usually a DJ or bands will want to know exactly what they are getting themselves into. They want to be prepared and make sure they play the right type of music. If they are not asking questions such as: the type of mood you want to create, number of guests, type of event, dancing or non-dancing, music as background or a show – then you might want to second guess hiring the person. This mostly likely means that they are not prepared or have not had experience in playing at events.

5. Make sure they are insured.
This protects you from having added expenses due to damaged equipment. Anything can happen and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Overall, people should earn your business by helping you figure out the right musician solution ahead of time. These simple steps are key things to keep in mind while in the hiring process. There is always musicians, bands, or DJ’s ready to play for an event no matter what the occasion, so never feel pressured to hire a particular musician if you don’t want to. Weigh your options and pick according to the type of event you plan to have.

About Jack Morelli: Jack Morelli owns and runs Jack Morelli Music, a boutique entertainment agency that offers world class musicians for any type of event from solo performers, duos, trios, and quartets to large ensembles. Many are music professors, appeared on Broadway/TV and have toured the world with name acts.

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