Do you have a talent for making people laugh, and have you ever wondered if you could make a little extra money by pursuing that capability? Perhaps you have tried stand-up as a route to success with this path but found its offerings to be overcrowded and difficult to break into. If so, there is another avenue for comics that you may not have considered before, but now exists thanks to technology and social media: podcasts.

Smart Passive Income

One website that offers this opportunity to comics is called Smart Passive Income. Smart Passive Income’s owner and founder, Pat Flynn, openly tells his story about having the perfect architectural job until the recession hit in 2008 and shares his experience of forming a passive income based on podcasting. After he had been laid off due to the economic downturn, he found a way to rebuild his life by forming a new, amazing career he had always dreamed of—using podcasts for comedy.

Pat Flynn’s success with developing his podcasts and creating a passive income stream allowed him to spend more time with his family while still earning a decent income. After he had created his dream, he decided to discover a website and business dedicated to helping other comedians achieve the same success.


A second website that offers a similar opportunity to comedians wishing to earn a passive income stream and develop a new career through podcasting is Podbay. Like Smart Passive Income, comedians can develop their podcasts and upload them to the Internet, receiving payment on the number of views and popularity of their videos.

With opportunities like this for comics across the globe, there is no reason why somebody with comedic talent shouldn’t attempt to pursue podcasting as either an alternate career or a way to develop a passive income stream.

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