#IamSueCostello is a play written by and Starring acclaimed actress and comic Sue Costello.

Sue Costello will be performing her amazing, one woman, play, #IamSueCostello at the Broadway Comedy Club 318 W 53rd Street, on the following Wednesdays: March 8, March 22, and April 26 at 7:30pm. This one-woman play will take place upstairs in the "Red Room" inside a beautifully renovated venue.

About #IamSueCostello

#IamSueCostello is Sue's life story that she has been writing for 20 years. It was inspired after her TV show "Costello" on Fox, got cancelled. Sue read an artilcle in the New York Times, that said that poor kids, hear 32 million less words than rich kids, Sue thought, "I'm not going to stop telling my story, no matter how many words I have or how many obstacles I have to overcome."

Sue Costello, though best known as a brilliant comedian, created and performs this play, solo, with extraordinary range. She plays herself at different periods in her life, on stage and she converses with real-life characters we can't see, but whose presence is as real and riveting as hers. What's especially striking about #IamSueCostello, is that it isn't simply a monologue about Sue's life or a series of quick impressions, but part comedic performance, part-raw emotional saga.

There is nothing typical about #IamSueCostello. It's a heartfelt and humanly-hysterical, journey through a woman's life. From her self doubting, painfully funny, childhood in Boston, through her widely, entertaining teenage adventures and epiphanies, to her near misses as a star of her own sitcom, to finally finding herself. Sue's play allows us not only to relish her stand up abilities, but to understand the personal meaning behind her routines and then on a deeper level, her whole human existence. The play lays out a map for someone who has dug deep to bring everything to the surface, only to let the truth stick. It's one of those great glimpses behind the curtain of someone's art, that leaves you somehow feeling you understand more about the meaning of life. As with all great comedy, in amongst the laughter, there are tears. It's hard to say which is more gratifying.

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