Mike describes how he started his music career and upcoming projects!

After growing up around music all his life, it was inevitable that Mike Gazzo would also start making music as well. He started songwriting and playing instruments in middle school and began producing around 17-years-old. Read more to learn about Gazzo’s journey.

First tell me a little bit about yourself, where you’re from, how you would describe your music and how you got your start in the industry?
I’m from Caldwell, NJ. Grew up my entire life on music, from orchestra/jazz band straight through a bunch of different bands (ska, metal, emo, jam, cover). My music has always been somewhat of a journey for me. My main goal is to have my music be an escape for people. For them to listen and step away from their everyday life problems or to just have an amazing time. Whatever it is, to be surreal in a sense. I got my start in the music industry by just crushing through some unofficial remixes that ended up getting picked up by blogs back in college. Since then, I’ve just kept working hard and continuing to make my sound more unique and better quality

How would you describe your music and what are some bands/artists that you derive inspiration from?
Well I think its sort of difficult to try to fully describe your own music but I approach every song with as little boundaries as possible at least lately. No bpm restrictions or sound restrictions. I will say the last year or so, I’ve been diving back into what got me started in music: playing instruments and organic sounds. Through dance music, I’ve done a whole lot of sound design and layering so it’s really cool to apply those techniques when recording ACTUAL instruments. I don’t make any songs these days without my guitar, bass, and a piano. I would say my current biggest inspirations are Coldplay, Tycho, ODESZA, Troye Sivan and the 1975.

If you could collaborate with someone, past or present on a track, who would it be?
Still would want to get in the room with Chris Martin from Coldplay.

Are you working on anything that’s set to come out in the next few months?
I just released a cover of The Neighborhood’s “Sweater Weather” with my homie Robbie Rosen! Coming up is an array of covers, a few official remixes and a TON of originals. Expect an EP this summer.

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