New York City includes 5 boroughs existing where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean. At its center is Manhattan, a thickly populated ward that is among the world's most significant business centers. Its famous architecture includes skyscrapers and parks like the Empire State Building and sprawling Central Park.

This year, NYC has a lot of fun in store as there are tons of hot and FREE events to offer on Valentine's Day and EventCombo has them here for you to check out!

So what is there to do on Valentine's Day in New York that is both free and fun?

Valentine’s Day Rose Soiree at Babeland Soho - This event is toasting to a provocative occasion loaded with hot sex and helps couples choose a room toy to make their sexual coexistence truly shimmer.

Valentine’s Day 2017 at Harley’s Smokeshack and BBQ - Bring a date to a rich night of Fine Art, Poetry, Music and much more. If you enjoy the arts, this will be the perfect romantic event for you.

Lovecraft: A Valentine’s Day Experience at Broome Street - For couples and singles, this event brings together the best NYC retailers in chocolate, adornments, undergarments, pleasureables and desserts.

Valentine’s Day Dinner and Dancing at Biagio’s—The Terrece - If you want to enjoy a live band and some dinner and dancing, this event could be your ticket to a romantic evening.

MiCrush Valentine’s Day Bash at Haus - If you are single on Valentine’s Day, this event can give you the opportunity to meet something new. Enjoy socializing and getting to know others.

Revolutionary Bae: A Valentine’s Day Mixer at ALP--Brooklyn - With speed dating and a love bag event, this mixer is setup to help singles on Valentine’s Day meet somebody new.

Literary Couples: A Valentine’s Day Reading and Discussion at Brooklyn Historical Society - Two most loved couple in literature, , Isaac Fitzgerald and Alice Sola Kim and Brendan Kiely and Jessie Chaffee, join Franklin Park Reading Series curator Penina Roth for brief readings and an educational talk on the precarious task of composing about love.

Pre-Valentine’s Day Market at Bohemian Hall - Enjoy a pre-Valentine’s day shopping event, along with some beer and food at a renowned restaurant.

Brighten Up Educational Workshop and Ladies’ Reception at Axa - Aimed to educate women with life-saving advice, this event spreads the word about breast and ovarian cancer.

Yearly Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day Party—All is Love at Manhattan Plaza - Enjoy food and drinks and a special event combining both Eastern and Western culture.

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