For seven years, Stacy McCain has successfully planned events utilizing the event company she founded, Stacy McCain Event Planning. Located out of the San Francisco Bay Area, her company travels to any place you might need her and her team.

Happy to assist people with their weddings and events no matter where they might live, Stacy McCain’s primary goal with her team is to use her experience to make sure your event is unforgettable for you and your guests. McCain ensures that every single detail is planned or anticipated, giving you the freedom to enjoy your event.

Stacy McCain Event Planning Focuses on Customization

Learning what clients need, and all of their unique specifics is the primary goal of Stacy McCain and her team. To her, the most important part of any event is to form a strong relationship with each client and to make sure that clients get their special event visions turned into a reality. Since McCain’s experience and reputation have shown how successful her emphasis is on every client, she is sure to specialize whatever your event needs.

Stacy McCain’s Professionalism

Many people involved in event planning know that the San Francisco Bay Area is full of experienced event planners. So, why pick McCain and her team out of the list of choices available? McCain’s dedication to her clients, especially in the early stages of the event planning process, is what sets her apart from the rest.

McCain is well known for not only taking the time to understand what her clients want at their events but forming strong, solid relationships with them as well, which helps her successfully anticipate their wants for each event.

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