Are you looking for something with some historic style for your next event? Consider using The Allan House in Austin, Texas. A beautiful Victorian home located in downtown Austin, it was built in 1883. Its décor includes native Texas Blossoms and oak trees that are over one hundred years old. Most event planners find it suitable for corporate events, weddings, receptions, charitable events, and parties.

The Allan House’s Background

The person who made The Allan House what it is today is Daniel Ross, a longtime Austin businessman and attorney. When he purchased the house in 1999, he wanted to commit to a full restorative project to bring the once grand building back up to its former glory. As such, Ross monitored a total renovation on the house, bringing back its historic splendor while modernizing its amenities.

The Allan House is one of the last remaining buildings in Austin that is 130 years old. Its type of architecture and beauty is disappearing in downtown Austin, making this Victorian-style house one of the last of its kind, and certainly the most beautiful. As a backdrop to any event, The Allan House is full of country charm and incredible amounts of character.

The Allan House as a Venue

The Allan House has been open as a venue since 2000, and has, since that opening, earned recognition as one of the top historical wedding venues in Texas. The venue has hosted numerous weddings, as well as holiday celebrations, charity balls, and even political fundraisers. Its beauty and style combined with its historical roots make it an ideal choice as a venue.

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