When reviewing your event planning goals from last year,make sure to complete a checklist and give yourself credit for the items you completed. However, if you notice you did not complete one of your goals, you need to ask yourself why you let that goal slide. Could it be that you were too overwhelmed with other items? Or could it be that you lacked the money at the time to finish that goal? Or was that goal no longer a priority because something changed?

Reviewing Events

To review your goals,take a look at your event debriefs. Try to see if you can identify patterns,whether they be positive or negative, as far as accomplishing your goals is concerned. See if some of the same issues keep popping up, and if they do,figure out a way to address them if they are problems. However, if the patterns you see are of things that went well, don’t be afraid to give yourself credit.

Reviewing Your Checklist

After you identify the good and the bad, review a few of the below questions to see how well your event planning business is progressing.

--How much income did you make when compared to the year before?

--Did you hire any new employees? How did they perform?

--Did you perform any partnerships with anybody else? How did you feel these partnerships went? Do you plan on continuing to do partnerships, or discontinuing them?

--What were your expenses this year in comparison to the previous year?

--Did you take part in professional development? If so, did you find it helpful?

--How well do you feel your marketing went for your events in the past year?

--Do you plan on trying anything new with your marketing ideas in the next year?

After writing down your answers, reflect on them and try to assess strengths and weaknesses. Then, it’s time to start planning for the next year.

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