As we enter a new year, many event planners are wondering what the new trends are when hosting at venues. Since the venue itself sets the stage for the event and can be such an important part of the entire experience, considering what the trends are with venues can help you increase your overall success as an event planner. So, what are some of these trends for 2017?

Using Free WiFi at Venues

Technology, nowadays, at venues is of growing importance to the success of events. One big question often plaguing both events and the venues that house them is being charged for WiFi. However, while some still feel that free WiFi might not be made available shortly, many event planners, after having voiced their concerns about these venue side charges, feel that WiFi usage at most venues will eventually be free.

Changes in Technology Packages

Alongside free WiFi, many event planners also predict that there will be an overall improvement in the types of technology offered at venues, including the use of things like whiteboards and digital screens. Why does this trend seem likely to happen? With technology always improving and becoming more affordable to the general populace, venues are going to have to get creative with how they package technology options to stay competitive.

Environmentally Friendly Options

While technology and its availability are sure to change the event venue spectrum, being environmentally friendly is emerging as more of a concern. Not only are venues likely to do this simply to give themselves the appearance of being “green,” but more than likely, there will be a growing need for venues to do this as environmental concerns escalate. However, nobody can see anything negative about this growing trend, and most event planners are looking forward to it.

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