While most event planners are familiar with various forms of promotion, including concepts like social media, advertising, and word-of-mouth marketing, these types of endorsements are not the only items event planners should consider when trying to boost their next event. What about considering your stakeholders, like your staff, attendees, and sponsors, and ways you can help them participate in the promotion of your brand?

Obtaining New Leads

Perhaps the best marketing strategy you can utilize is to get some of your people that are both helping you and others that are attending the event to obtain leads during your next event. Because these individuals are working on the front lines or experiencing your event in a hands-on way, inspiring them to share their experiences to motivate others, while also collecting feedback about your approaches, can help you both attract new people to your events, and also improve your overall event planning strategy.

Using Social Media

Using social media to share your messages with your team while also allowing your people to spread those messages out from their accounts is one of the best, and most affordable ways, to information share about your events. One such tool is Sprout Social’s Bambu, which allows users to utilize existing social media accounts like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter and share social media posts you make to their followers.

By utilizing Sprout Social’s Bambu, you’ll be able to use your team to get the word out and network easily, and cheaply, to many interested parties. And, while your team would be allowed to share your posts in their words, they can also simply click one button without typing a word, making the entire sharing process both fast and effective.

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