It’s the age old question that many companies have to ask themselves. Promoters can be beneficial as well as a waste of money. It comes down to what the company wants for their event.

What is a “Promoter”?
A promoter is a person who is hired by a company to promoter their events. These events can include concerts, parties, gatherings, and much more. The goal of the promoter is to get as much people to come to the event as the max number of people allowed in the venue. They do this through word of mouth (knowing many people), handing out flyers, using social media sites, etc. Other responsibilities can include hiring a DJ or getting the entertainment for the event.

Benefits of Having a Promoter
By having a promoter, a company instantly takes off some of the stress of having to promote themselves and figuring out ways to reach their target audience. The promoter does all of this for the company in return for 10% or more of the earnings made. Also, by offering your promoter benefits such as V.I.P access or free food makes them more likely to promote future events as well as make more connections for a bigger attendance.

Disadvantages of Having a Promoter
Although having a promoter is great for a company, there are some cons, which would make a company, second-guess their decision of hiring one. For example, a promoter may not fully understand your vision and therefore invite the wrong target audience, or get the wrong entertainment. Another downfall is if a promoter is fed up with working with a company and they are not under a contract, they can easily take their business and their followers elsewhere.

So What?
If a company does plan to have a promoter, they must make sure they are properly prepared and have the necessary documents in order to avoid any conflict. Promoters can be very good for companies who want to focus on other aspects of their event, while other companies would rather be heavily involved. In the end, it all depends on what the company thinks is best for them.