Are you wondering what the next big event trends are for this year? Entering 2017, there are a few things you need to be aware of as far as the flow of the event industry concerns itself. Below is a list of some of the top things you need to know during 2017’s event planning year.

Small Events are Becoming Very Popular

Some event planners avoid taking on small events, thinking that the compensation or the turnout won’t be worth their time. However, it is a mistake this year to avoid these types of events, as they are becoming increasingly popular. Chances are, if you pass up on doing small events, you are passing up on career opportunity.

When you do take on a small event, make sure you plan it correctly. Keep the audience in mind and develop an innovative strategy around what they want. Since innovation is required for each event you put on, one nice thing about smaller niche groups is that it is usually easier to understand what they want and build a creative strategy around that.

Technology is Key

Most of us in the event planning industry are aware that event apps are some of the best and easiest organizers. However, many event planners hate being on their phones for the duration of their events and find the utilization of phones while in the middle of an event distracting.

Remember, regardless of how irritating you might find the use of technology when planning your events, it is necessary to keep up with the competition. So, the best thing you can do in this case is to find your happy medium, and do whatever is necessary to make that event successful.

Add Leisure to Your Events

One big event trend that became popular in 2016 and is spilling into 2017 is the incorporation of leisure activities into events. The popularity of the concept comes from the fact that it allows breaks for fun. For instance, it provides fun, interactive time during certain types of events that might consume brain power—say a corporate event. So always think about including a few fun activities on the schedule to spice up the event.

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