Suppose you are well into planning your next event, and one of your valued workers puts in his or her two-weeks’ notice with little notification before this event. If that individual handles a specific focus of your event planning, it can certainly throw off your motivation and increase your stress level. So, what do you do in case a problem like this arises?

We created a list for you that should be your strategy when dealing with stressful, last minute situations as an event planner.

Approaching Unexpected Event Emergencies

Honesty is the best policy. If you are asked a question, and you don’t know the answer, then don’t fake it. Make sure you are as straightforward as possible. Whatever the situation is that you are handling at the given moment, make sure you explain that to the client with respect.

Review your event planning strategy. Go over each aspect and figure out, now that a situation arose, what things you need to cover with your team. Approach your team and plan as soon as you possibly can who will handle what to make up for the gap.

Talk to your client and make sure you prioritize what the client wants, and cover all of those aspects first. Your major priority, after all, is to make your client happy.

Have faith in your confidence. When things get stressful, remember to fall back on your experience and knowledge to deal with the issue. Chances are, with plenty of planning and insight, you can handle it. Stay on top of your event planning checklist, and keep in close contact with your team to make sure all aspects of the event are covered and being completed.

Avoid assuming things about the event; instead, ensure them. Assumptions can often be incorrect or unsuccessful, so make sure things are getting done.

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