If you are in the market for a beautiful venue that offers a whole host of services and support to make your next event a success, then look no further than The LaFontaine Reception Hall in Houston, Texas. With a lovely event hall that offers classy and professional ambiance and a dedicated team of services and servers on hand to make sure your event proceeds successfully, you will certainly be satisfied with the result.

What The LaFontaine Reception Hall Offers

As a venue, The LaFontaine Reception Hall is not only convenient but as a building known to house events, its staff also comes with experience. The LaFontaine Reception Hall hosts a wide variety of events, including weddings, corporate events, parties, special events, and private ceremonies. A catering staff is also included on hand, making serving your event goers an easy and seamless task.

Wedding Wire and Univision both have praised The LaFontaine Reception Hall for its outstanding service and staff performance during event activities. The level of professionalism offered not only by the appearance of the hall but also by the service of the staff, makes this hall an attractive place to hold an event that is not only classy but enjoyable for event goers.

Options At The LaFontaine Reception Hall

The venue also offers a variety of rooms to choose from which all demonstrate refined finishing touches and décor. Depending on what style and feel you are trying to create for your event, it’s certain that The LaFontaine Reception Hall possesses a room on its premises that will suit your tastes and needs.

The hall also offers security options, ample parking, on-site dressing rooms, convenient locations, professional catering, and provides a commitment to a high level of service.

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