Occasionally you will come across an event that requires a specific type of music to cater to your event crowd. Certain events seem to require certain kinds of music to entertain your target audience effectively. If you discover that your next event crowd requires a band that can play grunge rock type punk that makes your ticket buyers recall the popular music from the early 90s, then you’ll find that a band aneurysm offers exactly what you need to rock your crowd.

Aneurysm’s Style

Aneurysm’s style brings together the combination of punk, metal, and grunge, providing a musical style reminiscent of garage bands out to do their own thing rather than conform to the popular standards of the time. As such, though, the band is very passionate and proud of its music, and that feel certainly comes across when they play. Their performances are not unique and powerful, but dramatically entertaining as well. An aneurysm can blast off music that will make listeners remember the 70s, 80s, and 90s punk music.

With a punk style that provides an underground feel that reflects on the roots of their band’s name, Aneurysm took their moniker from a Nirvana song. The Seattle grunge style influences entailed by this band will certainly keep a crowd that loves this style of music on their feet and dancing.

Aneurysm’s History

Formed as a band in 2014, Aneurysm’s debut recording, called the “Aneurysm—DemO tape,” emerged as the brainchild of two of the original band members, Mark on drums and Dan on guitar. The recording received positive feedback, giving the band the confidence to continue to play, grow, and attract fans. The current line-up includes Mike (ex-The Network, vocals), Randy (guitar) and Kevin (bass) together with the original members, Dan and Mark.

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