If you are a new band that is just starting your foray into the musical world, chances are, you already realized you might need some promotional help to get your music heard to generate a decent fan base. However, many new bands realize early on with their entry into entertainment that hiring a promoter can help massively, but can also be costly. So, are there any other options out there that can assist a new band with building a following that allows for a more affordable option?

Viboom’s Services

One such useful service that allows new bands to reach out to a wider audience and be heard for an affordable price is Viboom. For bands to participate on Viboom, they need live video performances of their music or music videos that demonstrate their talent at its best. Once the band possesses a video, they can then use Viboom to distribute that video to a large pool of listeners, and therefore wind up promoting their music to interested listeners.

After a band selects a video and starts the process, Viboom then provides bands with the ability to create a specific goal for the promotional campaign. This fact means bands can control how much money they choose to invest in the service, and how many people will be reached. The more money into the campaign invested, the more listeners they will reach.

Campaign Status Monitoring

To further control the status of the campaign, Viboom allows bands to select the countries and areas with which the bands wish to distribute music. Bands can also decide on the number of views they would like their video to receive. Once this is completed, bands can then start their promotions. While the campaign is in effect, they will receive status updates and analytics regarding the success of their campaign on Viboom.

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