If you are planning an event that requires a band with a little more pop than just your regular rock band, you may want to consider catering to your audience with a rock metal band. As you plan to cater to your event-goers, you may find yourself in a bit of a search if you know they want metal music and aren’t sure where to start looking. However, if you are looking for an edgier band that caters to both rock as well as metal, then start your search with Rising Conviction.

Rising Conviction’s Background

Rising Conviction not only puts on an energetic, powerful rock performance but comes to the stage with years of performance experience. The band formed in 2000, and ever since has put on shows, entertaining throughout the underground Phoenix metal scene. From the point they joined in 2000 to today, the band made a point of steady touring. Their touring and music allowed them to develop a strong fan base, demonstrating just how catchy their music is.

Rising Conviction’s Music

As far as their music is concerned, Rising Conviction describes it as “an experiment in contrast.” Their songs and style tend to fit in with multiple categories of music genres, including Hard Rock or Indie Hardcore. Rising Conviction tends to use not only rock influences but also metal and punk when they play. The band describes their music as being “built upon strong and straightforward beats and powerful transitions.”

The band includes Floyd Orfield, Andy LaFave, Bryan Hughes, Tom Morello, Adam Jones, Robert Patrick, and Dave Kra. Together, they deliver a powerful performance that brings together rock with metal and punk and will provide your event goers with an entertaining and electrifying show.

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