Are you looking for an alternative rock band to cater to your target audience? If you have a group of event goers that are eager for an alternative band, then you certainly want to find one that not only offers you a stellar performance but has its unique sense of style when it comes to music. One such band that can help you cater for your audience’s interest and keep them entertained all night long is Beyond the Now.

Beyond the Now’s Background

Started by Stephen Nettles and David Torres back in 2001, Beyond the Now formed after the previous band both Nettles and Torres were in stopped performing. However, before the end of their previous band, both Nettles and Torres began to experiment with technology and apply it to music. With this, Nettles and Torres were able to transfer that interest over into forming their next band together, Beyond the Now.

Their use of technology in music helps to add a unique sense to their alternative style, which is part of the focus that helped form Beyond the Now. David Tesch became the next band member to join the band shortly after the musical style of the band formed. After attempting to record, they needed assistance with rhythm in recordings. As a result, H.B. Abels and Tom Whiting, both who came with years of experience playing in the local band scenes, joined the band.

Beyond the Now’s Experience

With four of the five band members possessing knowledge in musical engineering, the band proceeded forward together. They spent time together writing and recording their music, and once they felt their style and music reached a strong point, they began performing, to a positive response from the crowds who saw them. The group has stuck together and performed together ever since, giving them solid experience in the music scene.

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