Are you looking for an entertaining and talented rock group for your next event? If you are targeting a crowd that favors rock, perhaps you should consider aiming for a group that is both known for putting on a show, as well as owning a reputation for a unique rock style inspired by a myriad of respectable bands. If you are looking for something that’s a little different, but also promises a strong performance, Ghosts of the Silverbell is your band.

Ghosts of the Silverbell’s Style

Ghosts of the Silverbell describes their genre as “Outlaw Rawk” on their Facebook page, which also could also be identified as their style of rock and roll. Their one-of-a-kind style combines some of the style of their influences, which include Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Black Sabbath, BLS, Hank Williams Sr., Jamie Johnson, Waylon and Shooter Jennings, Mark Knopfler, and The Outlaws to name a few. Their music includes an interesting style related to other well-known outlaw rockers, but they add their sense of musical genius to their performances.

Ghosts of the Silverbell’s Background

As far as experience is concerned, Ghosts of the Silverbell is a five-piece band that got together in 2004. Since then, they have been playing and touring their music. They bring to the stage several years of experience as well as a high-energy rock performance. Band members include Phillip Mills on lead vocals, rhythm and lead guitar, James Maxam on lead guitar and backup vocals, Kevin Maxam on drums, Bobby Hutchinson on bass guitar, and Patrick Bullock on rhythm and lead guitar.

While the band admit they have had their ups and downs, they have stuck together, stuck it through, and continue to play music for crowds. So to get your next event rocking out with outlaw style, don’t hesitate to contact Ghosts of the Silverbell.

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