For most Indie bands, one of the most difficult challenges faced is that of getting their music out into the world for both promoters and listeners to enjoy. Trying to discover promotional help can be challenging in the music industry because of the sheer cost of it. However, what is nice about the business today is the freedom of discovery that technology brings to it. One affordable way of promoting any Indie band is to discover websites online that offer booking and promotional assistance for a nominal fee.

Meet Indie on the Move

One such recommended website that offers Indie bands this type of assistance is Indie on the Move. Posted on Indie on the Move’s website is 360 Artists sum-up of their services: “Democracy in live entertainment comes in the form of Indie on The Move!” Indie on the Move calls itself the “Mom and Pop shop for show and tour booking.” Indie on the Move lists their main goal as offering top-notch resources to bands from all types of genres by helping them book more shows and achieve their overall goals.

What Does Indie on the Move Offer?

By providing the ability for Indie bands to play more live shows, Indie on The Move helps bands reach success because they offer the opportunity to find more live booking opportunities. Playing live as often as possible allows bands to catch the attention of new fans, boost sales of band merchandise, and can even help a band receive attention from record executives. Indie on The Move feels that a band’s promotion of itself through live music gigs is the one constantly tested and successful way for a band to directly attract new fans, as well as other types of wanted attention from the industry.

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