If you’re preparing for your Christmas party event this year, you’ll need to look into a few theme ideas for pitching that perfect concept to your guests. Whatever theme idea you decide to go with, the most important thing is to make sure you cater appropriately to your guests. The more you can anticipate what your guests might want, the better you’ll do with selling tickets and attracting people to your party. So, what are some of the most popular Christmas party themes to utilize to achieve this goal?

Christmas Gift Exchange Theme

One of the nice, unique things about Christmas parties is that you can ask people to bring something—like a simple present—to provide a lively activity and allow everybody to leave with a thoughtful gift while limiting the expense on yourself. When you do a gift exchange, you need to make sure you include it in your invitation to inform your guests—and it’s always best to make sure you buy some extra gifts yourself for anybody that forgets. Rather than making the people that missed a gift sit out, you can still include them this way and make it more fun for everyone. Decorating this theme usually follows with a traditional Christmas tree, present and bow type decorations, and your more expected colors of red and green.

Elegant Christmas

Most people already possess Christmas decorations in their home. Try to pick out some, or if you don’t own them, pick up some that not only speak of the season but are warm and inviting for your guests. An elegant Christmas theme should include candles, whether traditional or LED, if you prefer less work and can afford to splurge a little. White, silver, and gold are usually the type of theme colors you want to stick with for this type of theme, and you should consider using golden Christmas lights to brighten up certain areas of your event.

Candyland Party

A candy land party theme focuses on traditional candy cane style colors and decorations. So, your main colors will be red and white stripes, but that doesn’t mean you may not have some green, silver and gold mixed in. You can always take red and white garlands and wrap them together to create the traditional candy cane look to line areas of your event. Using red and white Christmas lighting is another nice touch to add to this type of party. Keep your focus on creating the peppermint style color look with your decorations, and feel free even to decorate with candy canes.

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