Do you feel you need a little hardcore Christian rock to get your faith on? If you enjoy alternative and metal but have a hard time finding a Christian band with that type of beat for your next event, then look no further than Mariana, located in Lewiston. With a catchy, hardcore beat and sultry vocals, the orchestral rock the band presents to its audience is both unique and mesmerizing.

Mariana’s Sound

Mariana’s sound combines a bit of the past with the present, as well as crafting the two concepts into their style. The orchestral effect connects listeners to that old-style music and church feeling. However, the band also offers its catchy alternative metal rocker sound to liven up the beat, bringing in their modern flair to get listeners moving. Together, this approach gives the band their stand-out appeal, as they certainly demonstrate their musical influences into their approach, but come out producing their style and a one-of-a-kind sound.

Mariana’s Influences

Speaking of their influences, the band claims four of them. These influences include Amberlin, The Classic Crime, Skillet, and Panic at the Disco. Certainly, if you enjoy any of these four bands, you will hear the influence of it in Mariana’s shows. However, you will also notice what a fantastic job Mariana does putting their unique spin on their musical inspirations so that they come out of each performance owning their style and music.

Mariana’s History and Goals

Band members include Bri Comini on lead vocals, Jessiah Carlson on guitars, and Sam Hobson on drums. The group initially came together as a band of kids who shared a strong passion for two things—producing music and their faith in Christ. Their faith drives them to not only perform alongside other well-known Christian rock bands but to perform for charitable organizations like Love146, which dedicates itself to stopping slavery and sex trafficking. Demonstrating their dedication to supporting this cause, Mariana also wrote the song “Blood in My Eyes” to inspire others to educate themselves about this modern-day problem.

Other songs written by Mariana focus on the everyday struggles most people face. Themes of their lyrics include such wide-reaching issues as doubt, hope, and struggle. Part of the appeal of this band is how relatable their songs are to almost all people and the daily issues we all face, making their music appealing to many.

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