Are you craving a little rock and roll to attract more ticket buyers and put on an awesome show? There’s a band from New England that can rock your next event with their brand of frenetic rock and roll, pleasing a crowd. If you are looking for some edgy rock songs and style to get your crowd moving and attract ticket buyers, then look no further than the Catbirds.

The Catbirds’ Background

The Catbirds come with years of rock and roll experience. For decades, they have played and toured around New England, generally doing shows and functions in Massachusetts. Together since 2010, the band formed that year with their first drummer, Rikki Bates. The band states that their goal is “to fight the war on boring and to get the peoples moving again (which they did by using the ancient techniques of rhythm and blues, rock and roll, and crazy loud, stupid stuff).”


Deciding to cut their first album, in the summer of 2011, they finished their first recorded compilation called “Viborate.” When the band originally met to put together their songs for this initial album, they realized they had more music ready to record than they could feasibly fit into a single album. As a result, while making “Viborate,” they also recorded their single “Gonna Keep Drivin’” in January of 2012. In January of 2013, they completed their full-length debut album, “Catbirds Say Yeah.” Not surprisingly, while recording “Catbirds Say Yeah,” they wound up again with more music than they could fit onto one album, and plan on sharing more of their recorded songs soon.

The band endured one member change in the summer of 2014 when Rikki Bates left the band. Afterward, they were joined by their current drummer, Sam Wood, allowing the band to continue with their rocking beats. The band today is made up of Dinty Child on guitar, accordion, vocals and mandocello; Chandler Travis on vocals and bass, Sam Wood on drums, and Steve Wood on guitar and vocals.

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