If you feel at all reminiscent of the 80s and 90s rock and roll bands, why not consider Eric Sage’s performances? Sage possesses an excellent record for performing with some of the most famous in the music industry, including Vince Neil from Motley Crue, working as the front man for the Bay City Rollers alongside Ian Mitchell, and he was also with the band when they worked on a new record.

Sage has no doubt performed alongside many greats and been a part of the industry for years. His talent as an energetic frontman and musician come from his amazingly gripping voice, and charisma on stage. Sage’s vocals carry a three-octave range and come through dramatically in his performances.

Eric Sage’s Singing Talent

The Canadian-born singer and songwriter Sage received many commending reviews since performing as the front man for the Bay City Rollers. For instance, James Woods once said about Sage: "One of the best performers I have ever seen. And I know music." STAR Entertainment also provided Kudos to Sage’s performances with this comment: “Eric knows how to work for a crowd and get them up and to dance like no other. “Sage also earned the runner-up award for the search for a new singer for the Canadian band, Saga.

Sage does not only perform with the Bay City Rollers, however. He also recently cut a debut CD, taking maximum advantage of his voice potential, and singing along to world-class rock lyrics. Sage’s solo debut CD, titled “Redeem My Heart,” is currently available for purchase, and is a must-listen for all fans of rock and roll.

Sage can also be seen as the lead singer for a Bon Jovi cover band, rocking out those famous tunes with his amazing voice and on-stage charisma. Certainly, that combination from him makes those performances quite a show to see as well.

Eric Sage’s Background

Sage earned a strong reputation as a recording and performing artist since his arrival in Los Angeles in 1989. To master his art, Sage began studying classical voice and piano during the day while he sought out performances in the evenings on the Sunset Strip. Since then, not only has Sage done the traditional musician’s recordings and performances, but he has also performed for plenty of television and radio advertisements.

As well as being such a talented lead singer, Sage is also a world-ranked tennis pro and has done his fair share of acting since breaking into the Los Angeles scene. For instance, he played the guitar salesman in the 1992 hit “Wayne’s World,” and has appeared in numerous commercials.

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