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Must-Have Ticketing Platform Features to Ensure Event Success

Must-Have Ticketing Platform Features to Ensure Event Success

Apr 01, 2024 Praggya Joshi

Tickets are pivotal to both large-scale and intimate events, making effective sales strategies paramount. We've seen significant advancements in traditional event ticketing methods. Presently, ticketing platforms have emerged as indispensable tools in event technology. The substantial surge in their utilization stems from heightened demands for seamless, personalized experiences, enhanced security, and greater interactivity. 

A ticketing platform simplifies the critical processes of ticket selling, marketing, data collection, and analytics. Ticketing platform features speed up various processes and minimize all scopes of error. In this blog we’ll dive into the most crucial features of this platform that events planners and organizers must consider before selecting one.

Easy to Create and Customize Events
A ticketing platform should boast user-friendliness, enabling effortless creation and customization of events. Here are key factors to consider when evaluating the platform's ease of use for event creation and sales 

  • Flexibility in Event Visibility: The platform should allow you to choose whether your event is searchable and open to all or set as private, accessible only to invited guests. 
  • Unlimited Event Listings: You should have the freedom to list as many events as needed without restrictions. 
  • Extensive Ticketing Options: The platform should offer unlimited ticket types to accommodate various event requirements and attendee preferences. 
  • Flexible Ticket Sale Management: You should have control over the availability of tickets, with options to set specific dates, times, or sales thresholds for ticket availability. 
  • Granular Ticket Availability Management: Ability to manage ticket availability based on groups or types, ensuring efficient allocation and distribution. 
  • Bulk Editing Tools: Access to bulk editing tools for seamless management and customization of event details, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Branding Options
A private or white labeling option lets you portray your event as truly yours. Your tickets have your own brand logo, and you can customize the process of selling them via your event website. This functionality enables you to establish a branded website mirroring the official identity of your brand while offering distinct features. Thus, when prospective attendees visit the site, they encounter a familiar yet distinctive experience that motivates them to purchase tickets from your brand. 

If your aim is to cultivate brand identity and attract a distinctive customer base, leveraging white-label ticketing is essential.

Convenient Payment Processing
Your chosen ticketing software should offer both quick and secure payment options. Payment gateways, integration with many payment providers, and international transaction options are some must-have features for a ticketing platform. The tool should also be able to accept payments in multiple currencies.

A Dedicated Check-in App
To offer a smooth event experience, consider the check-in process. A solution with a dedicated check-in app takes the hassle away from on-the-day management. Some key event ticketing platform features to consider regarding check-in include 

  • Attendee check-in by scanning their tickets. Alternatively, the platform should let them check-in by searching for personal details.  
  • Data on check-in progress to track and manage attendees better. 
  • Filtering attendee list by ticket type and categorizing by first or last name.  
  • The ticket-scanning app should work online and offline.
  • The app should be able to check tickets on multiple devices through automatic synchronization.

Designing and Constructing Seating Charts
The best event ticketing platform offers robust features for designing and constructing seating charts. Essential features include unlimited seating charts for each box office, customizable seat labeling, and the ability to showcase seat views. Some common functionalities include 

  • Reserved seating for individuals with accessibility needs. 
  • Option to prevent isolated seats, ensuring optimal occupancy. 
  • Capability to upload a floor plan for creating seating arrangements, facilitating visualization. 
  • Inclusion of points of interest like restrooms, assistance desks, exits, and stages for a comprehensive seat view.

Marketing Tools
Increasing the number of event registrations is one of the crucial challenges most organizers face. At this point, marketing tools like social media and email integration is another important feature to consider in a ticketing system. The integration of partner websites, newsletters, and paid Google advertising are also crucial help which your event catch the spotlight.

Event Reporting Dashboard
Knowing attendee preferences and which types of tickets are popular is essential for event organizers for which a reporting dashboard and user-friendly custom reporting tools are critical. These help you effortlessly access vital information such as the number of registrations, attendee demographics, and revenue generated thus far. 

Some commonly utilized reports for monitoring the event's performance include 

  • A summary of your ticket sales. It is in the form of sales by type, promotions issued, and processing fees for each event. 
  • Custom reports that you can create yourself and export to a CSV file. 
  • Attendee details with data gathered from custom forms. 
  • An overview of your event's capacity. This report gives the numbers booked and what is available.  

Dedicated Customer Support
Even with meticulous planning, it's impossible to eliminate unforeseen issues. That's why having dedicated customer support for the ticketing platform is essential. The support team should be readily available to address inquiries and aid with event setup via email, live chat, and phone. Prompt solutions for the most challenging issues should be provided without delay.

Security Features
If your event ticketing platform doesn’t have top-notch security features, your hard work will fall flat in an instant. Here are the major security features to consider when choosing a solution 

  • Adherence to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). 
  • Integration with reputable payment gateways 
  • Secure transactions through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) technologies 
  • Secure user authentication 
  • Role-based access control 
  • Encrypted messaging feature for secure communication between users

Concluding Words
Seamless ticketing experience is crucial for the success of any event. However, with numerous ticketing platforms available, selecting the right one can be daunting. The features outlined above should be integral to your consideration when evaluating software options. A product incorporating these functionalities will facilitate swift registration for attendees and empower event organizers to maintain a flawless experience. 

Experience state-of-the-art ticketing solution with Eventcombo. https://bit.ly/498PjBV 

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