Brad Pitt’s clean, All-American good guy image recently took quite a hit after his split in September from Angelina Jolie. While the world is still left in the shadows about the reasons for the couple’s separation, a new film, Allied, can help wade off his recent publicity hit—basically, accusations of child abuse. While Pitt received the“all clear” from child protective services, Allied does come in the middle of his divorce negotiations with Jolie.

Brad Pitt’s Recent Issues

Considering Pitt’s recent issues, Paramount carefully navigated the advertising and marketing of Allied for its Thanksgiving Eve release. For instance, Pitt was seen mingling with fans and having pictures taken with fans along with his co-star Marion Cotillard at an event planned for the film.However, the one thing Pitt was absent from was the news conference that followed. As the cast toured to hype the film’s release, the same cycle was seen again and again. Pitt would always see and talk to his fans, but not talk to the media.

Will Allied Bolster Brad Pitt?

So, the question that lingers in the entertainment world is whether Allied can help Pitt get back on his feet both acting and reputation wise through his latest crisis. So far, reviews have been in the “so-so” range for the movie,garnering 60% like responses on Rotten Tomatoes. Some reviewers warn, though, however, that the film lacks the needed chemistry behind the two starring leads, and is nothing quite like the passion we saw in Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Others feel that the film did not do enough to push Brad Pitt’s acting capabilities and draw still as a star. Pitt can do well in more challenging roles, and his name alone can still market movies. Allied,some feel, did not grasp a hold of all its potential with either Pitt or his advertising potential.

Brad Pitt’s “Got What It Takes” On-Screen

On the other hand, some feel that Pitt’s on-screen sex appeal and hero role may be enough to draw a decent crowd. He certainly looks like an old Hollywood sex icon in the film, and his appearance is formal and classic. It certainly makes us think of the Hollywood Golden Age type of leading man.

Others called him “the modern-day” Robert Redford, complimenting his good looks and diversity as an actor as he has gotten older. However, whether Allied will rank as his big comeback hit remains to be seen.

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