365 opportunities! Yes, every year we are presented with 365 amazing opportunities to express our gratitude to people around us. But we rarely utilize these to express our gratefulness and that's why we have Thanksgiving. 

There is so much to celebrate these holidays. Part of that celebration should be to show our appreciation towards clients, colleagues and our employees, to demonstrate gratitude to our community. 

Genuine appreciation helps in transforming relationships and improves business outcomes. To this end, we have come up with 5 creative tips to make your clients and employees feel appreciated.  

Tip 1: Send personal thank you cards (and maybe a gift) 

In the age of virtual communication, a personal note card for employees or clients will leave a long-lasting impression. Showing gratitude by sending thank you cards delivered to their home addresses, will make them feel appreciated and valued. If you add a gift in the mix, you are going to be in their hearts and minds for years to come. 

Tip 2: Set up a virtual gratitude wall  

Set up a digital board titled ‘virtual gratitude wall’. This digital wall will allow everyone to post their notes of appreciation for each other at Thanksgiving. Encourage employees to leave positive compliments, or positive anonymous notes for one another for an added element of surprise.   

Tip 3: A kindness to-do list 

A kindness to-do list will encourage team members to perform acts of kindness. Create a to-do list and give them to teammates. Generally, a timeframe should be set up to encourage completion of such tasks.  

  1. Here’s an example: Get to know a team mate better 
  2. Share a meal together (virtually) with a team member or group 
  3. Recommend a good book or movie  
  4. Take some load of your teammate by taking 1-2 small tasks away from them
  5. Pay someone’s tab or donate to charity on behalf of someone. At the end of this activity, teammates can share their experiences and how such small acts of kindness made them feel. An activity like this will definitely help to boost morale and encourage positivity

A fun activity like this can be easily organized on platforms like Fireworks™ by Eventcombo, which offer a complete end-to-end event management solution.   

Tip 4: Recognize your employees and clients 

Being thankful on Thanksgiving 😉 

Right before the holiday weekend starts, a virtual happy session/hour can be hosted. Everyone can get a chance to interact with each other, and have a good time with their colleagues. It is a great way to send everyone off on a positive note, making them feel good about their workplace culture.  Hosting such an event will also ensure that everyone feels energized, and comes back with a positive outlook post-holiday.  

Tip 5: Give the love back, share the love 

 This can be executed in a number of ways.  One option is to organize food drives where employees and clients can participate together. A second option might be to organize a virtual fundraiser for an organization. You could also initiate a canned food drive, and employees can volunteer remotely as a team to distribute food to those in need. These ideas might be great ways to initiate waves of kindness this holiday season.   

To organize such an event, you can create a community in just 60 seconds on Eventcombo! This will help to keep the spirit of giving alive even after Thanksgiving. Community™ By Eventcombo is the perfect platform to keep the participants connected before, during and after the event. 

Thanksgiving is the best time to show your entire team and clients how much your company values them.