What is private labeling? 

In today’s ever-changing world where digital marketing seems to be taking over, staying on top of trends is key. One trend that is on the rise is private labeling - when one company markets another, but doesn’t list their name. 

For example, with Eventcombo’s private label solution, Eventcombo lists, shares, and hosts events for clients, but the client’s branding stays authentic throughout the entire process. One specific case for this is the event ticket. Eventcombo will keep the host’s branding on the tickets, and not include their own. This sort of marketing is great for small businesses who cannot outsource one-time needs. 

Private labeling is basically a package deal for digital marketing, but at a fraction of the cost and without the 3rd party platforms’ name diluting the client’s (your) brand. 

This may seem too good to be true, but this is only the tipping point. Brand integrity, relationships, and data are all critical considerations when you produce an event. 

Brand Integrity 

Why pay someone to supply your company with digital marketing material, and then keep their brand name on it? With private labeling, your customers will never know if your material was made in-house or outsourced. This gives your brand a look of authenticity and credibility. 

Relationship With Your Audience 

People today are connected with each other, technology, and brands more than at any other point in history. Being connected through technology and social media builds a relationship from brand to consumer. This builds trust and a comfortable client-partner relationship. When disconnect is shown, the relationship from consumer to brand is strained. One way this disconnect is obvious is when a 3rd party brand is listed within the experience. People start to wonder what else is non-authentic. With private labeling, the brand and consumer relationship remains harmonious as their product stays at the forefront.

Business Is Data and Data Is Business 

One of the most valuable takeaways from an event, whether it be virtual, in person, or phygital (physical + digital), is data. Many companies offering a private label solution do not include data. They keep the data from their client’s event. Eventcombo sees a big issue in this. The data is owned by the client so they should get access to it post-event and throughout. Privacy and data are key. 

Eventcombo’s Offerings 

In the event industry, a totally private label option is hard to come by from the big brands, so Eventcombo decided to offer it readily. Once you identify how the 3rd party platforms are diluting your brand, you’ll be positioned for greater success.