If you’ll be around Dallas at the start of March and are craving some great guitar music, you’ll get a chance to appease your rock music withdrawls starting on Thursday March 1 and running until Saturday, March 3rd at the 17th Annual Texas Guitar Competition and Festival at the UT Dallas Campus. Watch the competition, and witness some excellent performances by several up and coming artists.

Guitars, Talent, And Competition

The 17th Annual Texas Guitar Competition and Festival will be filled with excellent events for you to witness, and has plenty to offer on its schedule. For instance, on Saturday, March 2nd, at the UT Dallas Campus’s University Theatre, you can purchase ticekts to watch the Los Angelels Guitar Quartet, the highest praised and most popular guitar ensembles on the globe today. Known for using a variety of cultural music and combining it into their songs, you’ll also hear plenty of traditional cultural music for an enjoyable experience.

On Saturday, March 3rd, the Youth Competition will take place at UT Dallas in AH 1 1.106 and AH1 1.104, starting at 9 AM. Children ages eleven to eighteen will participate and attempt to win prizes. If you are a family member or teacher of one of the participating children, then the event is free. Otherwise, this competition is closed.

However, if you can’t attend the children’s competition, the International Concert Guitar Competition Finals happen also on March 3rd at UT Dallas’s University Theatre at 4 PM. This event is free to attend, and you can watch excellent classical guitarists compete to win prizes. Also, another performance will be held in University Theatre at 7:15 PM for free. At that time, Zaira Meneses, a well-known soloist will perform to close down the festival.

Schedule And Prices

Depending on what you plan on attending at the festival, most events are free, and one you must pay for. The schedule and prices are listed below.

  • Friday, March 2nd, Los Angeles Guitar Quartet. 8 PM: $25
  • Saturday, March 3rd, Youth Competition, 9 AM: Free but only family members and teachers of children can attend.
  • Saturday, March 3rd, International Concert Guitar Competition Finals, 4 PM: Free.
  • Saturday, March 3rd, Zaira Meneses Performs, 7:15 PM, Free.

If you’d like to learn more about this event, you can visit the event’s Facebook page here, or check out UT Dallas’s website here.

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