Sci-Fi lovers have a chance to celebrate this February with the return of the sixth annual Phillip K. Dick Film Festival. This festival is dedicated to finding new filmmakers while promoting their innovative and out-of-the-box Sci Fi film creations. On Friday, February 23rd until Sunday, February, 25th at New York’s Village East Cinema, you can immerse yourself in some eccentric, entertaining sci-fi films while meeting other film fans and interact with celebrity guests.

Innovative Approaches To Science Fiction Storytelling

In 2012, the Phillip K. Dick Film Festival was created to celebrate the wonderful creations of famous novelist Phillip K. Dick, who gave us excellent sci-fi stories that connected morals to modern society. The festival’s goal is to discover innovate new ideas and original storytelling approaches that demonstrate sci-fi, horror, supernatural, fantasy, virtual reality, and metaphysical film genres.

This year’s film festival will feature several celebrity guests as well. Those gusts include Charles Baker, Armand Assante, Vincent Pastore, Michael Ironside, Tom Sizemore, Chuck Zito, and Melvin Van Peeles, with even more celebrity guests still to be announced. Plus, the festival will also feature several scientists, success entertainers, medical professionals, and technology professionals. All of the guests that will be present will share their own feelings about today’s society and how it can be demonstrated through science fiction storytelling.


The Phillip K. Dick Festival will be held on Friday, February 22nd until Sunday, February 25th at the Village East Cinema. Ticket prices vary depend on days, and the prices are listed below.


  • Weekend All Access Pass: $99
  • Friday, February 23rd All Day Pass: $35
  • Saturday, February 24th: All Day Pass: $50
  • Sunday, February 25th: All Day Pass: $50

If you’d like to learn more about the The Phillip K. Dick Festival or purchase tickets, please visit the event’s website here.

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