If you’ve every been curious to learn a bit more about gardening, then you have the opportunity to participate in a fun, free local event where you can learn plenty about gardening while also swapping seeds with local growers. With the gardening season almost upon us, many growers are getting prepared to expand their garden by seed swapping with other local growers. This event will give you a great opportunity to learn more about gardening while you get to trade seeds, add more options to your garden, and save money simply by trading your own seeds and stories. So, if you’re ready to get growing, then join the Dallas Public Library’s Community Seed Swap on February 3rd.

Connect With Growers And Get Educated

At the Community Seed Swap, you’ll be able to connect with local growers, make new friends, and learn plenty about gardening while gaining an assorted variety of seeds for your growing needs. Also, you’ll be able to chat with employees from the MLK Seedling Farm at the Dallas Public Library, and they can give you tours of the farm as well as answer your growing questions.

Gardening Freebies

Also, you’ll be able to try out a bevy of free seeds, offered by the Seed Library, while also receiving a take-home seed craft for your children, also on the library. You are encouraged to bring your own seeds for trading with other growers, and the library will also provide envelopes and labels for your seeds for free. Bringing your own seeds is not required, especially if you are just getting started with your gardening adventure. Of course, you are still welcome to come!

For more information about this fun, free gardening event, please see the Dallas Public Library’s event website, found here.

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